As the AONB Partnership does not own or manage any land directly, we work closely with others to conserve and enhance the AONB.  Our small staff team undertake projects, advise, support and help to co-ordinate the work of others, influence policy and raise awareness.

We are currently involved in the following projects:

Water Environment Grant - in partnership with Severn River’s Trust, we are helping farmers in the Teme, Onny & Clun catchments to make their farms future fit.

Unmuddying the Waters - a two year agreement with the Environment Agency to continue to advise landowners along the river and fund capital works to improve the condition of the catchment.

Our Common Cause: Our Upland Commons - we are one of four upland landscapes involved in developing projects to reconnecting people with commons and improving public benefits.

Working with young people - AONBs are landscapes of fantastic diversity offering natural and cultural heritage to explore. Through different projects we help young people to connect with and care about the Shropshire Hills landscape.


Past projects:

Capacity Building, 2018-2020 - Through this project the AONB Partnership and the charitable AONB Trust developed their collaborative working.  Activities included preparation of Business Plans, training and development for key staff and volunteers, and a programme of income-generation activities and project development through new staffing capacity, supported by communications  work.  The project was funded by the National Lottery Heritage Fund as part of their Resilient Heritage programme.

River Clun Recovery Project, 2015-2019 - this project helped us to help landowners make a positive and significant improvement in the Clun Catchment.  Click below to download summary of achievements:

River Clun Recovery Project achievements