Unmuddying the Waters

This is a two year agreement with the Environment Agency to continue  to advise landowners along the river and fund capital works to improve the condition of the catchment.

The fund is open all year, but is discretionary and based on need. 

Grants up to 100% are available for:

  • Coppicing and pollarding of riverbank trees
  • Fencing alongside watercourses to allow natural regeneration and help stabilise vulnerable riverbanks
  • Improved/alternative watering for livestock
  • Resurfacing of tracks and gateways to limit runoff to watercourses or roads
  • Grants are also available for tree planting to help reconnect fragmented river habitats or to create shelterbelts in the catchment

The Clun catchment consists of seven waterbodies (tributary streams). The presence of freshwater pearl mussel found in the lowest 5km of the river led to it being designated a Special Area of Conservation (SAC). This bottom section of the river is also part of the River Teme SSSI. Due to the position of the SAC within the catchment, inputs from all seven waterbodies influence water quality.


Clun Unmuddying the Waters Activity Report, 2019-20

‘Unmuddying the Waters’ will continue to make a positive improvement to help meet habitat and water quality targets.

For more information please get in touch with Alison Jones, 01743 254745 or email her through the contact page.