Water Environment Grant

Working in partnership with Severn River’s Trust, we are helping farmers in the Teme, Onny & Clun catchments to make their farms future fit.  Each catchment has a dedicated advisor who can visit the farm, offer advice, soil testing and develop water and soil management plans.

Teme, Onny & Clun Catchment Landowner Free Summer Webinars

The work is free and confidential.

Advisors are able to:

  • visit and assess your farm,
  • identify your goals and visions, and
  • develop a plan with you

and offer:

  • Soil Testing – to assess soil structure and test for organic matter, pH, P, K & Mg.
  • Nutrient Management – to check your farm for erosion risk.
  • Water management – to look at sources, pathways and receptors of water on your farm.

Why sign up?

  • Keep your farm complient,
  • Get your farm future fit, and
  • Find out about other funding opportunities

To arrange a visit please contact your area advisor (see map below):

Map to show the Teme, Onny and Clun catchment boundaries

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This Project is funded by European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development (EAFRD)

Teme, Onny & Clun Catchment Landowner Free Summer Webinars

  • 30th June 2021, 7pm: Severn Trent Water Boost for Biodiversity Funding & FWAG (Farming and Wildlife Advisory Group) talk on the new ELMS scheme, by Zara Turtle, Severn Trent Water and Jenny Phelps, FWAG respectively
  • 7th July 2021, 7pm: FarmEd – Farm Regeneration and Natural Flood Management, by Edd Colbert, Founder of FarmEd
  • 21st July 2021, 7pm: Farm Ponds for Wildlife, by Pete Lambert, Shropshire Wildlife Trust Ponds Co-ordinator

To book onto one or more of these free events please email Matt Marston matt.marston@severnriverstrust.com, or telephone 07593 443393.

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