Webinar about funding opportunities for farmers

Launched last summer, the Farming in Protected Landscapes programme has so far awarded over £170,000 to 14 farming projects in the Shropshire Hills.  The grants support projects which deliver benefits to nature, climate, people and place. 

The Shropshire Hills AONB Partnership is providing support and administering the programme locally. As we approach the second year of this 3-year funding programme, we are encouraging farmers and landowners in the Shropshire Hills to take a fresh look at the land they own or manage.

Are there areas that are difficult or expensive to farm?  Could these spaces be better managed for wildlife? Are there areas suitable for ‘slow the flow’ measures which help with natural flood management?  Could repairs help to conserve an historic site or monument, or are there opportunities to interpret a site of interest and/or encourage appropriate public access?  

We would love to see this funding used to deliver large nature, climate or access projects across a number of farms, and are encouraging farmers to think beyond their boundaries. Examples might be work to restore an area of upland peatland and manage it extensively with cattle, or habitat creation and management for a specific threatened species.

Looking at your land in a different way can be a daunting task.  A  good starting point is to make sure you know what you already have in terms of good and potential wildlife habitat, historic monuments, or what public rights of way and/or watercourses cross your land? We can help with this, or you can access the information yourself on MAGIC maps, an online mapping tool, which highlights priority habitats, Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSIs), historic monuments etc.

Coming up on 13th April at 7pm we are hosting a webinar to update farmers, land owners and land agents on the funding programme and answer questions - interested in attending the Webinar? find out more here. 

Farming in Protected Landscapes


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