Membership & Meetings

Members of the AONB Partnership include conservation bodies, landowner and community representatives, interests such as recreation and tourism, and individual members.

Papers from all the Partnership meetings are available on Shropshire Council's website.

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Shropshire Hills AONB Partnership members:

Local Authorities

Statutory Bodies

Non-Statutory Bodies

Parish Council Representatives

  • Mrs Hilary Claytonsmith (Vice Chair)
  • Mr John Long
  • Mr Mark Hughes
  • Mr Steven Pennington
  • Mr John Pritchard
  • Mr David Mills

Individual Members

  • Ms Alison Caffyn
  • Mr George Chancellor
  • Mr Adrian Cullis
  • Mr Chris Naylor
  • Mr James Williamson (Chair)
  • Mr Andrew Wood

Strategy & Performance Committee

This is a sub-group of the AONB Partnership. Their role is to scrutinise and advise on the work of the AONB staff team.

Officers from the two councils also attend the Board:

Please contact us if you would like to see papers from the Committee meetings.