Destination Partnership

The Shropshire Hills Destination Partnership brings together tourism businesses, public bodies and community representatives. This forum supports sustainable development in tourism and a higher quality experience for visitors.

The Sustainable Tourism Strategy for the area for 2018-2023 was approved by the Destination Partnership in January 2018.  This is important for maintaining the profile of tourism in the Shropshire Hills & Ludlow at a county level and beyond, and to help secure future funding.

The Destination Partnership will oversee the implementation of the Strategy, but the Partnership holds no funds or resources of its own, and acts only through the activity of its members.

About the Destination Partnership

Our vision:

‘The Shropshire Hills is a nationally recognised, sustainably managed tourism destination, valued for its outstanding landscape, wealth of visitor experiences and important contribution to the economy of Shropshire.’

The Destination Partnership meets three or four times a year (minutes of meetings are available on request). The Partnership also acts as the forum for the area’s participation in the European Charter for Sustainable Tourism in Protected Areas. Following reduction in resources to support tourism from Shropshire Council, the Destination Partnership from 2016 has come under Shropshire Hills Tourism, with support from the Shropshire Hills AONB Partnership.

The Destination Partnership’s roles include:

  • coordinating implementation of the Sustainable Tourism Strategy;
  • influencing external marketing;
  • coordination of services and facilities;
  • sharing best practice;
  • supporting visitor information centres;
  • developing the area’s sense of place and identity;
  • researching and gathering information;
  • maintaining links to other Destination Management Organisations and tourism partners within the county and beyond.


  • Shropshire Hills DDP Terms of Reference
  • Shropshire Hills Sustainable Tourism Strategy 2018-2023
  • Shropshire Hills Sustainable Tourism Strategy 2018-2023 Action Plan
  • Sustainable Tourism Action Plan Update – Jan 2017
  • Shropshire Hills & Ludlow Sustainable Tourism Strategy and Action Plan 2011-2016


Relevant Links

About Shropshire Hills Tourism (link to their website in portal)

For further information please contact Nigel McDonald, Shropshire Hills AONB Partnership Sustainable Tourism Officer on 01743 254744 or email Nigel through the contact us page