Outstanding contribution by the UK’s AONB Family to the countryside

The Charity that supports the UK’s AONB Family, the National Association for AONBs, has published its annual report on the work undertaken by the AONB Family this year.

The report shows that over 2.2m people visited an AONB last year and 108,760 hectares of countryside were improved for nature and wildlife.

As the Charity’s Chief Executive , Howard Davies, explains “Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty are some of the most beautiful, cherished and outstanding landscapes in the UK. They are vibrant and dynamic and offer a wealth of opportunities for people to enjoy and care for the countryside.”

“Our Annual Report highlights just some of the projects that AONB Partnerships have undertaken to care for the countryside and share it with others. This is particularly pertinent on the day that Defra has launched its Vision for a greener future: 25-year environmental plan. Whether you are looking for somewhere to enjoy nature or culture, intending to set up a business or trying to kick start a new health regime, you can’t fail to find the opportunity to do so in one of the UK’s 46 Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty. They are Landscapes for Life in so many different ways”.


Published by Shropshire Hills AONB Partnership on (modified )