Hearts are being formed across the country in our most loved landscapes

Hearts are being formed across the country in our most loved landscapes

on Saturday 21st September at 2pm. For the first time ever people in all the Areas

of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) are forming hearts to show how much

they love their landscapes.


The heart shape has been chosen as it represents not only the love for these

areas but also that AONBs and National Parks were originally thought of as the

‘Natural Health Service’. The legislation that allowed the creation of these

protected landscapes, the National Parks & Access to the Countryside Act was

agreed in 1949, the same year as the National Health Service. The two acts were

seen as complimentary; preventing illness through recreation and then curing

them if did get ill.


From Cornwall over to Kent and up to the North Pennines staff, volunteers,

residents and visitors will be forming hearts, either using their own bodies at mass

gatherings or using objects in the landscape.


All the hearts are being captured on film and video and shared with others. There are 46 AONBs across the UK each will be participating. This national moment kicks off the Landscapes for Life week to celebrate our AONBs.


Howard Davies, Chief Executive of the National Association for AONBs said,

“This national moment kicks off Landscapes for Life Week, so-called because

we’re committed to our iconic national landscapes forever. And those landscapes

are so much more than a view – they are landscapes for living. They are a place

for nature – which AONB partnerships are actively working to conserve

and enhance. They are a place for rural productivity and at the heart of our great

British food industry. They are a place of tranquillity, rootedness and wellbeing,

treasured by generations of people seeking peace, exercise and leisure; truly our Natural Health Service.”

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