About the AONB Trust & Trustees

The Shropshire Hills AONB covers quarter of the county and there is a need to do much more to help nature recover, to conserve what is left and to help address the environment and climate crisis facing us.

Vision: The natural beauty of the Shropshire Hills is secured forever as a place where wildlife, people, landscape and heritage thrive in harmony.

The Trust's main ojectives are fundraising, developing organisational capacity and co-operative working with other people and groups.  If you have any experiance in these areas and are interested in getting involved, we'd love to hear from you. 

Friends of the Shropshire Hills AONB stand

Getting Involved 

There are eight trustees serving for up to three consecutive two or three year terms.  Four trustees are appointed by the Trust, three are nominated by the AONB Partnership, and one - the AONB Partnership Manager - sits ex-officio.

Despite the differences in how they are selected and their terms of office, all trustees have the same obligations and equal voting rights.

This governance structure is intended to provide a balance between appointed members and those with a link to the AONB Partnership. In this way, the Trust remains legally and functionally independent of the AONB Partnership.

For more information please contact the Trust through the contact page.

The Trustees:

Appointed trustees (3-year terms)

  • Anthony Morgan (chair)
  • Alastair Warrington
  • Neil Willcox
  • vacancy

AONB Partnership members nominated by the Partnership (2-year terms):

  • George Chancellor
  • Veronica Cossons
  • Charles Edwards

Ex-officio (term defined by employment as AONB Partnership Manager):

  • Phil Holden