Talk: Restore Shropshire Verges Project

Local resident and Restore Shropshire Verges Project board member, Janet Cobb, is supporting over 30 mini restorative volunteer project groups from villages and hamlets across the county to enhance the management of roadside verges in the countryside.

Janet to speak about the local projects and to share her enthusiastic advocacy for direct action towards wildlife enhancement. "The more you do the more you find out' says Janet ' over several decades our wildflower meadows have been lost (97%) and this has impacted the rest of our natural countryside. I'm looking forward to explaining our activities and encouraging others to help restore wildflowers to our road sides creating linear meadows."

The town hall doors open at 7pm, the talk begins at 7.30.  Bar/refreshments available.  There is no charge but a donation towards costs will be gratefully received. 

Event starts at 7:00pm.