QUIZ - do you know your Shropshire Hills?

Do you know your Shropshire 'Hills'?  Have a go at the quiz below. The answers are all names of hills in the AONB.  Our 50 Shropshire Hills page will help!

You can email your answers to us at, and we'll let you know how you have done.


1.    The Offa’s Dyke Path National Trail high point in the AONB

2.    Is this the giant’s putting green

3.    A prominent clump of pines stand on the summit of this hill

4.    What’s the highest point on the Long Mynd

5.    A cross to mark the spot along this ridge

6.    The highest point in Shropshire

7.    The largest area of heathland in the Clun Forest

8.    Legend has it, it was built by a giant with a grudge against Shrewsbury

9.    Famine, a magic cow and wicked witch are associated with which Common land with a stone circle

10. Battle Stones are on which Stretton hill

11. A devil of a tor

12. Twin Peaks

13. One of the largest and most impressive hillforts in the country

14. The most southerly Shropshire Hill

15. The avenue of beech trees lead up which hill

16. This name found on two of our hills comes from its link to the legendary warrior prince who rebelled against the Romans in the first century AD.

17. Ridge of limestone with one of the longest continuous woodlands in England

18. Carrying the name of a minor skin lesion

19. A frosty spot

20. Site of a Stone Age axe factory, just over the border


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