Our Common Cause: Clee Liberty Common Launch

Join the Our Common Cause: Our Upland Commons project to find out how, over the next three years and with your help, we will be looking to:

  • Better understand the Iron Age Nordy Bank Ramparts and features in the Clee Burf area with lidar, a
    geophysics survey and test trenches.
  • Better understand the Medieval development of the common, focused on trenches across common
    boundary banks and ditches, to collect deposits suitable for C14 dating. We will also explore the many bell pits and excavate one such pit.
  • Investigate and document how the landscape was altered due to industry, quarrying and lime
    production incl a detailed look at one lime kiln.

After a short presentation from Janine Young and Matt Williams from Fearn Heritage and Archaeology, we will discuss the many opportunities (and dates which include weekdays and weekends) to get involved.

It is for all ages and abilities, from general desk research to interpreting the lidar and geophysics, to gaining hands on skills of archaeological clearance, excavation, and conservation repair out on site.

Everyone welcome, free and with refreshments, but please book by phoning 07929 726337 or email

Event starts at 7:00pm.