Projects in the Clun Catchment

For many years we have worked on the River Clun and with the people that live and work along its length.  The River Clun is one of only three rivers in England designated as a European Special Area of Conservation for freshwater pearl mussel.  Their population, however, has experienced a dramatic decline in recent decades.

Between 2014 – 2019 our River Clun Recovery Project worked landowners and volunteers to reduce pressures at the riverbank by creating riparian buffers strips, provide controlled livestock watering, undertake planting of riverbank trees and runoff management measures. The pearl mussel itself requires very high standards of habitat and water quality, but the project’s work benefits many other water and land species associated with our very special river environment.  Follow the link for summary of project achievements River Clun Recovery Project summary of achievements.

River Clun Fencing to help re-stablish riparian buffer

Unmuddying the WatersGrant Fund for Farmers in the Clun Catchment

If you are a landowner or farmer in the Clun Catchment we can provide advice and fund capital works to improve the condition of the catchment.  The fund is open all year, but is discretionary and based on need.  We can provide grants up to 100% for:

  • • Coppicing and pollarding of riverbank trees
    • Fencing alongside watercourses to allow natural regeneration and help stabilise vulnerable riverbanks
    • Improved/alternative watering for livestock
    • Resurfacing of tracks and gateways to limit runoff to watercourses or roads
    • Grants are also available for tree planting to help reconnect fragmented river habitats or to create shelterbelts in the catchment

For more information please contact Clun Catchment Officer, Alison Jones on email

Unmuddying the Waters is a two year agreement with the Environment Agency.

Volunteers planting treesWider Catchment Work

The Shropshire Hills AONB Partnership works closely with other organisations to deliver positive outcomes for the River Clun and its unique wildlife. Click here to see a YouTube clip showcasing Environment Agency and Woodland Trust conservation work on the River Clun.

The AONB Partnership hosts the Clun Catchment Partnership to co-ordinate and raise the profile of work in the Clun Catchment.

Linked to other project activity, Natural England and the Environment Agency have commissioned:

See below for press releases and project reports relating to the Rivers Project:

For further information or to volunteer for tree planting, please contact Mike Kelly on

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