Transition Board 14 March 2017

Transition Board Meeting

AONB Partnership Office



1 Apologies
2 Minutes of Transition Board meeting 17th January 2017
3 Update on contact with Defra regarding Conservation Board proposal (verbal)
4 Draft new Terms of Reference for AONB Forum group to sit alongside a Conservation Board (see attached papers)
5 AONB Team 2016-17 Work Programme and budgets update (see attached paper)
6 Shropshire Hills AONB Trust update (verbal)
7 Shropshire Hills Uplands Forum event and follow-up (see attached paper)
8 County networks update – Shropshire Environmental Leaders Conference, CPRE Shropshire Conference, Local Nature Partnership, tourism networks (verbal)
9 NAAONB update and wider networks (verbal)
10 Any other Business
11 Date of next meetings: tbc