Transition Board 07 December 2017

Transition Board Meeting

AONB Partnership Office


  1. Apologies
  2. Sustainable Tourism Strategy Action Plan
  3. Minutes of Transition Board meeting 5th September 2017
  4. AONB Team 2017-18 Work Programme update
  5. AONB Partnership budgets update
  6. Conservation Board update
  7. Proposed new Funding & Programmes Officer post and reapplication for Resilient Heritage funding
  8. Shropshire Local Plan Partial Review – Preferred Scale and Distribution of Development, Draft consultation response
  9. AONB Management Plan Review
  10. AONB Trust update (verbal)
  11. Any other Business
  12. Dates of next meetings: Tues 6th Feb 2018, Tues 22nd May 2018, Tues 17th July 2018, Tues 4th September 2018, Tues 4th Dec 2018.  All 9.30am at Drovers House.